• 3 Useful Tips When Starting Your Own Mobile Car Wash

    Everyone needs their car washed at some point. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make some money by opening up your very own mobile car wash. For it to be successful early on, though, you'll want to remember these tips.  Invest in the Right Tools How effective and easy your cleaning jobs are can be determined a lot by the tools you use. As such, you need to invest in the right car-washing tools from the very start.
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  • Sticky Situation: How To Remove Gum From Vehicle Upholstery

    If you chew gum or your passengers chew it, it is bound to stick somewhere on the vehicle upholstery. Even worse, it may melt after sitting in a hot vehicle all day. Luckily, gum is made from rubber-based materials, so it should be easy to clean. However, not removing it the right away can cause damage to the upholstery. Follow these steps to remove gum from vehicle upholstery. Freeze It
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