4 Popular Car Wash Options

Posted on: 19 September 2017


Automobiles are a big investment, so it is not surprising that people want to take care of their vehicles. While regular maintenance of an automobile can extend its life, it is also important to wash a car regularly so the outside can stay in good condition. While some people choose to wash their car at home in their own driveway, that method of car washing is not possible or convenient for everyone. Luckily, there are other ways to wash your car. Some of the most popular car wash options include: 

Self-Service Car Wash

If you enjoy washing your own car but don't have all of the tools to do so, a self-service car wash is a great option. When you visit a self-service car wash, you will pull into a stall, pay a small fee, and then use a high pressure hose and a foaming soap brush to properly wash your car. While some self-service car washes have towels available for drying others require you to bring your own-- make sure you know whether or not towels are available before you go to a self-service car wash.

Hand-Washing Car Wash

Hand-washing car wash services offer a higher standard of cleaning. When you go to a hand-washing car wash, specially trained employees will hand-wash your car, rinse it thoroughly, and then completely dry it by hand. Many car washes that offer hand-washing services also offer interior detailing services if your want both the inside and the outside of your car to be immaculately clean. Hand-washing services are typically more expensive than a self-service car wash, but you can expect a high level of service and an incredibly clean car.


Automated car washes are often adjacent to gas stations. After paying a few dollars, you pull your car into the car wash and it will be sprayed with soapy water, agitated with brushes, rinsed, and dried with a high-powered air blower. While your vehicle may not end up looking quite as perfect as it would after a hand-washing service, automated car washes are good for people who are short on time and don't want to spend a lot of money to have their car washed.

Mobile Car Washing Services

In many areas, there are mobile car washing services that will come to you. When you have a filthy car but don't have time to wash your car yourself or take it to a car wash for a hand-washing service, using a mobile car washing service can be the ideal solution. A lot of mobile car washing services also offer mobile auto detailing as well.