Enjoy Your Vehicle With Pride And Care - Key Components Of Professional Detailing

Posted on: 21 April 2017


Making the financial commitment to buying a new car is a big step, and if you're going to make that investment, it's important that you protect it properly. Taking care of your vehicle's maintenance needs is obviously a central part of that process, but professional detailing will also go a long way toward extending the life of your car and guaranteeing that its appearance stands out.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the key components of professional detailing. Hopefully, these small details will provide you with the motivation to seek out professional car care that will keep your vehicle looking its best and free of the contaminants that will eventually cause substantial damage.

Trim Detailing

One of the hardest parts of properly cleaning your car at home is making sure that the trim is properly handled. Often times, it's a different material or even a different color than the rest of the vehicle, so treating it the same way isn't the best strategy for keeping it clean.

A professional detailer will have small tools and specialized cleaning products that are designed to handle rubber, chrome, and whatever other types of trim that your vehicle may possess. In addition, they'll carefully tape off the treated trim areas during further detailing, guaranteeing that they won't be damaged or improperly treated by accident.

Microfiber Treatment

Home car washes often involve a solitary soapy bucket, a running garden hose, and a bucket of old rags that are slopped through each and then used to scrub dirt and debris off a vehicle. While old t-shirts, for example, are likely better than commercial sponges, you may still be at risk for scratching your paint or creating other damage.

Committing to a professional detail means your vehicle will be treated with the highest quality cleaning cloths that are specially formulated to avoid that kind of trouble. Microfiber products will almost certainly be used in order to guarantee your car receives a gentle but thorough treatment.

Streak Free Glass

Getting back in your vehicle after washing it yourself and seeing streaks and smudges on your mirrors can be incredibly frustrating. After putting in substantial effort, it's important that you can not only operate your car safely, but that every detail is properly handled. A professional detailer will spend time meticulously cleaning your mirrors by wiping in multiple directions, minimizing the risk of streaks and spots. This will help guarantee that you don't have dangerous blind spots, and you do have the gleam you desire.

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